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An experience of time

For what it’s worth, I did remember to turn off my porch light for the monarch butterflies migrating south, like the Mayor requested. The idea was to make the night sky very dark over our metropolitan area so as not to confuse the monarchs’ delicate navigation systems. I did remember, but it was many months later in the dead of night, far too late to make a difference. I did not harbor ill intentions toward the monarchs. Certainly, I desired of their success. It was simply a matter of habit. At night, I set the coffee…

A casual fan goes deep.

I’ll be the first to admit I have no business writing about a television program based on a comic. My first real exposure to Harley Quinn was “Birds of Prey” in 2020. It was the last movie I saw in theaters before the world changed into an unrecognizable landscape. I cherish the experience because I fell in love that day. I am not a lifelong comics fan, but I do enjoy movies so I have seen most comic based films. I have never felt a kinship with a character before Harley. …

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How to feel like a success when there is no proof

You don’t know my name. Even if you happen to read it here, you will soon forget. It’s not personal. There is much content and so very little brain-space for non-essential information. My name is not in rooms big or small. As a writer, I am not outwardly “successful.” I have no manuscripts under contract negotiations, and my work is yet to be featured in Big Name publications. While I may have some natural ability with language, I am neither heart-stoppingly talented, nor overly dedicated to my craft. I…

Holding space for transformation

I had a revelation one day. Thinking about my relationships with other people, I considered what role I played for them and whether or not I was doing any good. I noticed a trend as I realized how many times I’ve been able to lend my hand and heart to someone in need; hold them as they journeyed through unknown, sometimes frightening territory. Divorce, job loss, addiction, or simply learning how to be true to oneself…I wondered why it seemed like so many people I knew were destined to go through life-changing experiences during the tenure of our relationship. Why…

Miranda Chop

I write about the transformative power of art, the human journey to radical self-love, and a little feminist horror poetry for good measure.

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