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A note about a very good friend.

I knew god as “Jehovah” back then, and I talked to “him” all the time. My mother told me god was nothing but love and held me in the highest regard as one of his creations. I believed her. Of course I did. I had…

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An experience of time

For what it’s worth, I did remember to turn off my porch light for the monarch butterflies migrating south, like the Mayor requested. The idea was to make the night sky very dark over our metropolitan area so as not to confuse the monarchs’ delicate navigation systems. I did remember, but it was many months later in the dead of night, far too late to make a difference. I did not harbor ill intentions toward the monarchs. Certainly, I desired of their success. It was simply a matter of habit. At night, I set the coffee…

A casual fan goes deep.

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How to feel like a success when there is no proof

Miranda Chop

I write about the transformative power of art, the human journey to radical self-love, and a little feminist horror poetry for good measure.

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